personal statement


I am a Winchester based visual artist, with a career history that includes  fashion and textile design,  education and curating.  Since successfully completing an MA in Textiles (Distinction) at Winchester School of Art in 2011, I have been concentrating on exhibiting with a range of partners. I like to work with stiff, delicate, fabrics that are stitched, punched, etched and bonded with paper or metals to subvert the surface.  Often, largely figurative work has explored the use of freehand machine embroidery to mimic the marks made in my drawings, which is a process at the heart of my practice.


Vulnerability has been a rich seam of inspiration for me, using this starting point I have made work in response to archival material that investigates isolation, exile or fate. Text either as a motif or a literary starting point is a reoccurring element in these pieces.  Much of my work is built up with layers of translucent materials; the emotional void or emerging consciousness within a narrative represented as shadows or negative spaces within the pieces.




lisa earley - visual artist

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